Epworth's Transitional Living Program - Supervised provides at-risk youth with practical experience living in a community of their peers.

Epworth Transitional Living Program – Supervised provides structured housing to teenagers and young adults ages 17 through 19 who may otherwise remain in situations of abuse, neglect, or homelessness. With highly trained professionals on site 24/7 and case management, youth admitted into the program are given vital life skills education, parenting and family skills education, and practical experience while living in safe, stable housing in which they are empowered to increase personal responsibility and build community.

Teenagers and young adults who are otherwise unable to find an appropriate family or community placement are eligible for the program. Youth must exhibit the ability to make responsible personal decisions, interact well with others, interact consistently with their case manager, and be willing to maintain employment and/or pursue vocational training or educational advancement throughout the duration they receive assistance through the program.

Supervised youth receive comprehensive case management and 24-hour colleague support.

Referrals to Epworth Transitional Living Program – Supervised are welcome and encouraged for teenagers and young adults who meet the criteria above. The program can accommodate up to 11 clients.