Epworth Transitional Living Program - Independent provides housing and empowers young adults towards independence.

Epworth Transitional Living Program – Independent provides assistance to young adults ages 18 through 24 struggling with housing insecurity.  Assistance is provided to locate and obtain individual apartments throughout St. Louis communities. With case management support from specially trained Epworth colleagues, youth admitted into the program are placed into safe, stable living situations in which they are empowered to make safe and healthy emotional, physical, and financial decisions of their own accord. Young adults in the Transitional Living Program – Independent receive individualized life skills training to build independent living skills such as practical budgeting, healthy cooking, grocery shopping, stress management, and more.

This program serves young adults who are homeless or at risk for homelessness, and eligibility is assessed for each youth before admittance to the program.  Youth must also exhibit the ability to make responsible personal decisions with limited adult supervision and be willing to maintain employment and/or pursue vocational training or educational advancement throughout the duration they receive assistance through the program.

Young adults in the program receive assistance with personal goal setting and life skills.

Referrals to Epworth Transitional Living Program – Independent are welcome and encouraged for young adults who may meet the criteria above. Following assessment for eligibility, each young person referred will be offered guidance to the housing opportunity that best meets their needs through Coordinated Entry process.  The program can accommodate up to 70 clients with apartments leased in Epworth’s name throughout St. Louis City and County.

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