Epworth Chafee program equips foster youth with the life skills, motivation, and support necessary for them to thrive.

Epworth Chafee Program works with former and current foster youth ages 14 through 22 who reside in St. Louis City or County. As youth prepare for independence and adulthood, Service Coordinators provide the support, motivation, and knowledge youth need to succeed for years to come.

Hands-on development and growth is available for current and former foster youth.

Through the Epworth Chafee Program, foster youth attend classes related to essential life skills, resumé building, financial competency, and receive aid in obtaining documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, work permits, and state-issued IDs to be fully equipped for an independent adult life. Youth also participate in vocational and college readiness classes, college tours, financial aid education, and receive assistance in filling out applications and obtaining funding for their college careers.