The Epworth Street Outreach Services team provides goods, compassion, and access to resources to local homeless teenagers.

Epworth Street Outreach Services mobilizes a team of trauma-aware team members who reach out with compassion to homeless youth throughout the St. Louis community, engaging them where they are both physically and emotionally. A regular part of their daily outreach, the mobile team provides valuable goods and critical resources to those they encounter, including, hygiene kits, ready-to-eat food items, safer sex products, educational materials, and information on support services throughout the community. With an understanding that not all youth will have the means or feel entirely comfortable visiting the Epworth Drop-In Center, the team brings those services to the youth.

Epworth Street Outreach Services is vital for keeping at-risk teens fed and aware of their resources.

Perhaps most importantly, Epworth Street Outreach team members work diligently to connect homeless youth with affordable or free housing and shelters to start them on a journey to stable, safe housing. Additionally, team members educate youth about the services, resources, and comfort offered by the Epworth Drop-In Center so they know they have a safe, non-judgmental place to come in times of crisis or despair.