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The Chafee program serves youth ages 14 to 21 who are currently in foster care and residing in St. Louis City or St. Louis County. The purpose of the Chafee program is to prepare youth for a successful transition to independence. Young adults enrolled in the Chafee program choose their level of participation.

Family Support Network (FSN)
The Family Support Network offers free weekly, in-home counseling to improve family communication and relationships and provides information on effective methods of stress management and conflict resolution.

Foster Care Case Management
Foster Care matches youth with loving, caring families where they can learn to trust again and reap the benefits of a committed family.

Progressive Youth Connection (PYC)
PYC provides violence prevention and character education programs in the areas of conflict resolution, violence prevention, cultural diversity, healthy relationships, decision making skills, self-esteem building and many more; case management services for youth involved in the St. Louis County Family Courts; and parent and community education.

Psychological Services
Epworth’s Psychological Services provides a broad range of psychological evaluations from routine psychoeducational assessments to comprehensive evaluations such as psychosexual evaluations, parenting competency evaluations, and risk assessments.

Residential and Intensive Treatment
Residential and Intensive Treatment provides a safe and stable living environment while youth work through
emotional and behavioral issues that often stem from a history of abuse or neglect.

Street Outreach Services (SOS)
Street Outreach Services educates homeless youth about their options and encourages them to obtain permanent, safe housing.

Transitional/Independent Living Programs (TLP/ILP)
The Transitional/Independent Living Programs teach important life skills including budgeting, job readiness and parenting in an apartment setting. The ultimate goal is for youth to care for themselves emotionally, physically and financially.

Youth Emergency Service (YES)
The Youth Emergency Service shelter provides food and housing to youth experiencing homelessness or family crisis. The safe, nurturing environment and therapeutic services help youth and families rebound.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion in Provision of Services
Epworth seeks to eliminate any bias in service provision. The agency strives to use concepts of ethnicity and culture in a manner that empowers the individual and enhances the functioning of the client, family and community. The agency recognizes that all services must be culturally competent and therefore provides services to clients regardless of race, color, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, national origin, age, military or veteran status, financial standing or any other factor prohibited by law. In addition, the agency provides services and resources in a way in which is appropriate to the understanding and language of the clients served.