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Justice Finds Her Voice At Epworth

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justice story

Justice, who goes by the rap name Kinq Chaos, has been a part of Epworth since she was in her teens. “I was two days old when my mom gave me away to a family friend. They raised me till I was 14 and I ran away,” she says of her beginnings. 

Justice became part of  Epworth through the Drop-in Center and Chafee Foster Care programs. “When I started going to Chaffee I was a bit of a trouble-maker,” she smiles. “They put in the time and effort to help me be a better person for ME, not to benefit anyone else, but just because I deserve to be good for myself.” 

Epworth’s impact on Justice’s life has extended through career exploration, college prep, employment, housing, job interview prep, and access to financial resources. “Once I realized the opportunities that were there, anything Epworth offers, I’m taking advantage of,” Justice says with a laugh. Even though she had found lots of support at Epworth, one moment made a huge impression on Justice. She says that she was on the verge of being emancipated as she aged out of foster care at 18. The Epworth team challenged her to think about what her life would be like if she was completely on her own and suggested that she still had more to learn and could benefit from the system. “Having people care that much about me and help me see what was in my best interest, that changed things for me, changed my life,” says Justice.

Epworth has always believed in being yourself and being comfortable with yourself. They taught me to embrace what makes me different.


Justice continues to work hard on herself and on her music. She’s making a conscious effort to create music with positive messages so other young people can be inspired. And she knows she wants to make a difference. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to touch the world in a way it’s never been touched before,” she says. “ I want purpose, I want connection, I want to be loved and purposeful in my life.”

justice story

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