A Story of Hope

Mary Story of Hope Square Image

Mary, a former foster care youth who aged out of the foster care system, shared about the impact that Epworth has had:


“After entering foster care when I was 16 years old, I remember feeling helpless as decisions were made for me and without me, even though I was a young adult. Not having any voice for my own life erased my sense of self, and I felt lost. Fortunately, I met Terri, Epworth’s Director of Older Youth Services. Her guidance, encouragement, and emotional support impacted my life in ways I couldn’t imagine at the time. Terri had unwavering faith in my abilities to accomplish whatever I set out to do. She was there for me and filled a void in my life. Now, I’m a college graduate, wife, mother, and a homeowner.


A few years ago, an opportunity opened at Epworth’s Drop-In Center, and I took it! Today, I work with youth who are living through some of the same circumstances that I experienced. Just as Terri showed me compassion and gave me guidance, I in turn give our youth support, knowing first-hand the profound difference we can make in their lives.”


Thanks to your support, Mary’s journey has now come full-circle. Today, she enjoys self-sufficiency with dignity and it able to impact the next generation.


Would you be willing to help youth like Mary, who are aging out of foster care and need guidance, direction, and hope?


Every child, youth, and family who comes to Epworth deserves a chance, but we need your help. Without your support, our dedicated staff could not provide such a vital spectrum of life impacting services to those we serve across the St. Louis community.

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