Transitional Living Program (TLP)

The Transitional Living Program provides housing, daily case management support, life skills education, and parenting skills education to older youth to prepare them for emotional and physical independence.

Transitional Living Program (TLP) features:
  • Apartment living for 11 young adults, ages 17 to 19, in a secure building with 24-hour support
  • Daily contact by Epworth’s professional support
  • Individualized training in daily living skills including budgeting, cooking, grocery shopping, and more
  • Housing and financial assistance, access to community resources, assistance with setting and accomplishing personal goals, and guidance in coping with daily stressors


Who do we serve?


To be eligible, youth must be:
  • Between the ages of 17 and 19
  • Unable to find appropriate family placement
  • Capable of making responsible personal decisions with minimal adult supervision
  • Willing to meet with Case Manager as outlined in program guide
  • Ability to set goals and follow through
  • Maintain employment


Clinical Services

Supportive Services

Foster Care Case Management