Foster Care Case Management

Foster Care Case Management matches children and youth with loving, caring families where they learn to trust and reap the benefits of a committed support system.

Epworth offers private foster care case management services as part of a three-agency partnership: the Children’s Permanency Partnership (CPP).


Program features include:
  • Referrals come directly from the State of Missouri when children have experienced abuse or neglect.
  • The program matches foster children with permanent homes through adoption or by reunifying families through focused support.
  • The Children’s Permanency Partnership (CPP) provides training and assessment for individuals, couples, and families who have room in their homes, lives, and hearts for a child or youth.
  • Epworth’s Foster Care Services reach beyond placement. We provide assurances of safety and facilitate a relationship between the biological and foster families, providing the greatest support for children and youth.


If you have a concern for the abuse or neglect of a child or youth, please call the Missouri Department of Social Services at 1-800-392-3738.

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Foster Care Case Management