Epworth’s Aging Out Program

The Aging Out program provides services and support to older youth as they transition out of the foster care system, equipping them with the skills and resources necessary for self-sustainability. Once enrolled, youth continue working with their former Chafee staff and can continue to receive services until the age of 25. This not only provides them with continued support services past the point of emancipation from foster care, but it gives the youth what is sometimes their only consistent, long-term relationship.
  • Youth are eligible to voluntarily enroll in the Aging Out Program at any time after they transition out of the foster care system and remain eligible until age 25.
  • With the assistance of case managers, youth learn to advocate on their own behalf, increase their resourcefulness and willingness/ability to access supportive services, develop a more positive community support system, and strive to achieve sustainable independence.
  • All participants will continue adding to their portfolio to house important documents such as Birth Certificate, SS Card, transcripts, medical records, etc.
  • Staff assist and support youth with working toward educational and employment goals.

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Normandy, MO 63121
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