marcusWhen I was 17 my mom died. My dad was never in the picture, so I was on my own and ended up on the streets. My friend let me crash at his place, but his dad got tired of me always being around and took me to YES, Epworth's Crisis Shelter. I didn't like it at first because I had never stayed in a place like YES. I had to do chores, follow rules and talk with a therapist. The staff was supportive and told me I had potential! Even though I was doing well at YES, I still didn't have a place to live. Then the therapist told me about the Transitional Living Program and I knew I would be safe. Epworth gave me a place to live so I could get on track. They connected me with a GED program so I could complete high school and hooked me up with a vocational person who helped me look for a job. Everyone congratulated me when I passed the GED test and found a job. Epworth staff believed in me and helped me see that I had the strength to make it. I'm working and learning to be responsible for myself, and I am excited to look into college.