jessicaI used to be depressed. I hated everyone and everything. I refused to go to school, refused to leave the house and even stopped taking care of myself. Worst of all, I was violent toward my family, and I was afraid they would give up on me. I ended up living at Epworth where they taught me how to deal with my anger and make better choices. The best part was when I got to go home because of the Family Focus program. My therapist at Epworth started coming to my house to help me stay on track with all the successes I had on campus. She helped me and my family through the tough times. I learned that my mom really does love me and wants me to get better. My therapist even taught my mom how to be a better parent. Life isn't perfect, but my family and I know that Epworth will help us when we need it. Today, I like to go to school and do stuff with my family, because now when I look in the mirror, I like who I see.