_CDM7508 Cedric was a teenager when he was having disagreements with his father and issues with his parents. Being a determined young man, Cedric continued to attend high school but never had a home of his own or a regular place to sleep. He was considered a homeless youth in the South side of Saint Louis. Luckily, he was able to find semi-permanent housing with his girlfriend’s mother and continued to attend high school. It was when his girlfriend’s family moved to Jefferson County that he once again found himself homeless.  At age 18, he started showing up at Epworth’s homeless youth Drop-In Center. It was at the Drop-In Center where he was convinced to meet with a case worker and determine his options.

Cedric worked hard and remained committed to all his goals—including graduating from High School. The guidance he received through his visits with his case worker and time at the Drop-in Center allowed him to work towards his next goal: employment. Epworth assisted Cedric in finding, applying, interviewing, and ultimately obtaining a job.

Cedric is now 21 and has held his position in Facilities at Goodwill for over a year. He has been saving his earnings in the hopes of moving into a home of his own. Cedric continues to look and apply for additional employment to help him reach his goals quicker. You will frequently find him at Epworth’s new Drop-In Center location in Normandy. It has become a safe place for Cedric, a place that allows him to focus on attaining his goals and one where he, in his words, “can give back” to others experiencing similar situations

Street Outreach phone number: 314.952.8689