Epworth Young Professionals Group – The League

The League, formed in 2015, is a group of young professionals who bring a fresh perspective and new energy to raising awareness and funds for Epworth.  The Community Services Department and The League are particularly focused on youth homelessness in the St. Louis area.  If you would like more information about The League or are interested in becoming a member, please visit on Facebook or email theleaguestl@gmail.com.

The League Officers

Chair- Melanie Beckman

What does membership entail?

There are two levels of membership in Epworth’s The League. Executive Committee Membership and General Membership. General membership means being an ambassador in the community (we’ll teach you first!), attending fundraisers (and bringing friends!), volunteering with our youth (they are amazing!), and getting to be part of the dynamic, multi-talented group of young professionals that commit their time and talent to the Community Services Department.
Executive Committee Membership requires attendance at monthly meetings, participation in the planning of fundraising and volunteer opportunities, and designing the legacy of impact of The League’s efforts on youth homelessness in St. Louis.

What does The League’s event calendar look like?

As a new group, the Executive Committee is still working toward the construction of an event calendar, but envisions 3-4 volunteer opportunities in the year which would include direct interaction with the youth in the Community Services program, 2 fundraising events (including the flagship Flights for Futures event), and other social and networking opportunities as they develop. We’ll be sure to post these events on this page and advertise through our Facebook account so check back often!

How does my involvement help?

Your involvement is so important! The more voices we have bringing awareness to youth homelessness in St Louis, the more those vulnerable youth benefit. Here are some numbers that might help paint the picture:

  • There were 10,103 homeless youth in St Louis City and St Louis County schools during the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Amongst youth who run away from home, 17.4% report physical abuse, 17% report sexual abuse, and 11.7% report verbal abuse.
  • In 2015, one in five endangered runaways were likely sex trafficking victims.
  • In 2014 in Missouri, there were 4,439 substantiated reports of abuse involving 6,439 children.

Epworth’s Community Services programs provides a variety of housing services to these youth as well as intensive case management, individual and family counseling, and various forms of financial assistance to help stabilize a youth as they work toward self-sufficiency.
It takes just one caring adult to change the trajectory of a child’s entire life. Come join our League of extraordinary Young Professionals and be that caring adult!

Have a question or interested in becoming a member?