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Special Education School

Epworth School Calendar 2014 – 2015

The Special Education School serves students grades K-12 who display behaviors so significant it impedes their educational progress. Most students have an educational diagnosis of Emotionally Disturbed, Autism, Intellectually Disabled, Language impaired, or Learning Disabled.

  • Curriculum based on the common core state standards adapted or modified to meet individual students needs
  • Classrooms are staffed with certified special education teachers and highly specialized teacher's aides and behavior specialists
  • Additional treatment staff includes licensed therapists, physical education teacher and creative intervention therapist
  • Therapists are embedded into the classroom to assist students in implementation of strategies that will increase classroom success

Embedded Classroom

  • Service provided by Epworth School at district’s request
  • Epworth school’s same specialized services provided as embedded classrooms in the district
  • Provides behavioral, academic, and therapeutic supports in an embedded classroom to decrease a need for a more restrictive environment
  • Therapeutic and special education teachers provide strength-based strategies to local district staff to help increase their ability to work with behaviors and emotional concerns in the classroom
  • Each student receives an integrated assessment and team-driven treatment plan to assist in student programing
  • Students receive individual and group therapy in the classroom to assist in the generalization of classroom and social skills

For more information contact the school’s main office at 314.918.3316

110 N. Elm Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

Phone: 314.918.3316