Spotlight on StrengthRemember the person whose smile can wash away even the worst day? Corey Rasbury has that smile. When Corey was 14, it wasn’t alwa


Cedric was a teenager when he was having disagreements with his father and issues with his parents. Being a determined young man, Cedric continued to...


I used to be depressed. I hated everyone and everything. I refused to go to school, refused to leave the house and even stopped taking care of myself.


When I was 17 my mom told me that I was too much trouble. She moved to Florida with my two brothers and left me behind with no one left in my life, I


As a kid in foster care I didn't get to do all the things I saw myfriends do – like slumber parties, family vacations and summer camp. So even though


When I was 17 my mom died. My dad was never in the picture, so I was on my own and ended up on the streets. My friend let me crash at his place, but h


When I began therapy with Family Support Network, I was twenty years old and was parenting my two toddlers alone. I didn't know how to be a mom. Not o